Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cassandra Rose Muresan

We are delighted to share with those who haven't heard the wonderful news- that Cassandra Rose Muresan (daughter of Cornel and Natalie) was born at 11:30am on December 31, 2007! At 6lbs 9oz she is a wonderful bundle of joy! We spoke with Cornel and Natalie about an hour after she was born. Already both exhausted, they are none the less thrilled to be parents of such a beautiful and healthy little girl. We are so happy for all of them! We hope to see them (and the Harvey's, Platt's and Erickson's) in May for Jared and Erin's wedding.
Yay to family!!!

Berkley Vacation

We just got back from visiting the Moore family in their new home in Berkley, CA. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Emily's sister and her husband and their wonderful 1 1/2 year old came from Frankfort Kentucky. It was a lot of fun visiting with them and getting to know Liam better. Chris came down from Juneau before he headed off to Vermont to visit his dad. Chris is doing great and is studying art at the University of Southeast Alaska. We got to see where Joyce is going to seminary, and dad pointed out some of the theaters where he hopes to audition. We drove by Ariana's school and got to see where she is settling into to her 2nd grade year and meeting all sorts of new friends. We really missed Peter, Naomi and Kale (they stayed in Montana this year).

While we were in Berkley we:

Lost our camera on the second day :( which is why I am posting the highlights of our trip in bullet form

-met up with Patrick and Stacie Rudy, as well as Brady Shrock for pizza (they just happened to be in the area).

-we went on lots of walks (Liam's favorite thing to do!)

-the adults went into San Francisco one evening and enjoyed drinks and appetizers at a southern food restaurant playing live Blues music.

-everyone went into San Francisco for a day and ate great seafood down by the bay, and explored this city's sites.

-went bowling (Liam loved the concept of balls knocking down the pins)

-ate some delicious meals

-slept in

-Emily shopped with the girls (well, didn't spend any money but was a shopping companion for Kiersten...she got some great tops that weren't nursing tops...she was so excited :) )

We had a great time! We are getting settled back in to our routine of two people as oppose to nine. I am sorry we weren't able to post pictures. Mike and Kiersten have posted some movie clips (mostly of Liam, which in realty were the only pictures we had on our camera when we lost it anyway :) ). For now, we will explore our writing creativity.