Thursday, May 14, 2009

AK mother's day surprise

It was a perfect mother's day surprise! I had my last day of work at the hospital on Saturday and bought a millage ticket to surprise my mom for mother's day on Sunday. She had no idea (even though just about everyone else knew!) Dad Roth picked me up from the airport at 9:30am and when I got home mom was sipping tea in bed, when I walked through her door she sat straight up and kept saying "No, no, no, are you serious!" It was a terrific surprise. I was able to be there for about four day and we filled it with lots of walks and hikes and good laughter. The weather could not have been better. It was about 59 and clear skies everyday. I had a wonderful trip! Here are some photos from our time together.

Call us rebellious, divas, or even the words from my us whatever you want but we braved it and we got mother/daughter nose piercings! Just a little stud, nothing fancy. Anyhow, that was our adventure!