Monday, April 21, 2008

Hawaii '08

We spent some time relaxing in the island breezes of Hawaii for a little vacation in March. We stayed part of our visit at a hotel in Waikiki beach and the other days with our friends Bryon and Christy, who were very gracious hosts and showed us the local side of Oahu.

View from our hotel room

We got a free upgrade for a convertible Mustang (which was very exhilarating)

Hiking a new mountain - a new climate

Cutting a mango on the beach

Visiting the Dole pineapple plantation

Climbing at the North Shore

Bryon and Christy took us to a climbing spot on the North Shore with Cliffs that overlooked the ocean. We had a wonderful time with some incredible views.


We camped at the beach one night, which started off great.

Johnny working on downsizing a large piece of firewood

There were chickens and cats all over the island. Here are some that were hanging out around our campsite

Emily working with the fire
And then our night turned into this...... The wind picked up like crazy, and by 2:00am there was a ton of sand that had blown into our tent and our tarp nearly blew away. We were unable to steak the tarp back down, and in order to get a little bit of sleep, we decided to pack the rest into the car where we spent the rest of the night.

Pearl Harbor

We visited the memorial of the sunken Arizona battleship at Pearl Harbor and walked through the museum.

The Flag above the Memorial

Part of the ship is above water


We went to the site of the TV show Lost and were able to see the main camp (which is on one of the beaches) and the site of the "others" (Which is actually a YMCA camp)

We're pretty sure this is one of the places where they hold prisoners captive

These are some of the huts at "the others" camp