Saturday, March 22, 2008


About a month ago we went up to Mt. Baker for a morning of snowshoeing before I had to work. It was an AMAZING day!

Johnny and Ian mounting their snowshoes

Emily eager to hit the trail

Johnny trying to sled.

This is why we love the Northwest!!!

Back to school

Johnny just finished up a web development class he was taking in the evenings after work. This is him on the first day of school right before I pinned his bus number and contact information to his jacket...jk. For his project he is creating a website for our homemade jam and calling it Bellingjam...we will post the link to his website when he is finished.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Parties

Life has gone on for the Harvey's since December (our last post). I didn't realize how difficult it is to post when you don't have pictures to follow the stories. We are doing really well though. Still trucking away at school and work. Johnny is finishing up a web design class that he has been taking in the evenings and Emily is pushing through her studies and is looking forward to next quarter when the nursing classes will pick up their pace. We are continuing to enjoy life and each other each day. We will be leaving for Oahu, HI next week and are SOOO excited for the warmth and adventure!

St. Patrick's Day (Johnny's early birthday party)

We had a pinata (a tradition that was started last year)

Emily swinging

Our friends, Mary and Kaitlin

Emily's Birthday

I came home after a fun day of shopping with a friend on my birthday and was exhausted so I put on my pj's and everyone called them my "party pants"...this is me posing in my party pants.

We had a great evening making homemade pizza's, playing games and just hanging out.