Monday, August 17, 2009

Tim and Kim's wedding

We were blessed to be around family and enjoy in the celebration of our cousin Tim and his beautiful bride Kim's wedding a couple weekends ago. We met mom and dad Roth and John and Alex in seattle and drove to Portland. It was a very emotional wedding. They both wrote their own vows and had just about everyone in the audiance in tears...very touching. They both have a real joy for life and a vibrant sense of God's love for others and especially eachother. Here are some pics from the celebration!

Tim in awe of seeing Kim in her dress for the first time :)

The happy couple is off!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A "Whale" of a Trip to Vancouver

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to visit our friends in the Vancouver area for a weekend trip. Part of our trip included viewing workers pulling a dead whale off the front part of a cruise ship. The cruise ship had inadvertently struck the whale as it was making it's way to Vancouver. We came to find out that this sort of thing wasn't just a one-time random occurence, but actually happens several times a year.
The whale got stuck on top of the the bulbous bow (which is below the water- designed like this to make it more aerodynamic apparently.)

Not exactly great PR for Princess Cruiselines....

Anyway, the way we found out about this occurence was because one of our friends, Ben, was asked to comment on the incedent by a local news channel. He works for a company called Current that sells nightvision products and was asked to speak about the prevention of this sort of occurence from happening with vessels that make use of nightvision. It was somewhat suprising to me that more boats that travel at night don't use nightvision.

Later that night, we went to a fireworks show that the city puts on annually. We watched from a distance to avoid the crowds, and were able to watch a lightning storm at the same time.... I thought the lightning was a more entertaining event since we rarely get them in the northwest.

This is a picture Ben took- got it at the right time!