Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deception Pass

We had a warm sunny day today and decided to go down to Whidbey Island to hang out by the water. We came across a company doing boat tours so we decided to try it out.

Deception Pass Bridge

On this cliff is a bat cave that used to be an old mining camp prison.

Great view of the Olympics

Thursday, April 2, 2009

VDV (Vitamin D Vacation)

We had a wonderful time in Arizona visiting Jeff, Noelle and Addysen, as well as our friends Adam and Erica. It worked out really well flying right out of Bellingham and straight into Mesa which is only about five-ten minutes from both Jeff and Noelle and Adam and Erica. It was fun to introduce our friends to Jeff and Noelle because they live so close and actually go to the same church, but had never met. Here are some pics from our much needed vacation!

Johnny, Jeff, and our friend Andrew (who traveled with us) all enjoyed a day golfing

Putting around before they tee'd off

I drove the golf cart for about a half hour while I waited for Noelle to pick me up

Addysen sure enjoyed her uncle Johnny

It is so fun to play with Addysen now, as she is very active end enjoys interacting with her toys...or just putting them in her mouth :)

bath time!

We got to see a pre-season Mariners vs. Rockies game (Johnny and I's rivalry teams)

6$ seats on the grass!

We rented a boat on Saturday with Adam, Erica, Andrew, and Erica's friend was a blast and the scenery was amazing! We went in and around the canyon and explored.

Johnny found a rope swing on the bank so we anchored and he and andrew swam to shore and tested it out

Jaime and I were the brave ones to try the tube out first

here we go

A snap shot of Johnny riding the tube, I decided to leave the thrashing through the waves and getting thrown off the tube part out, out of respect for our parents :)

driving the boat

not a way you want to end the day...getting towed back to shore by strangers because our rental boat decided to stop working. We weren't sure if it was the battery or if the starter got too hot... but after flagging this boat down they were kind enough to bring us back to the docks.

Thankfully this burrito stand was closed on Sunday, because the boys were on a mission to find an authentic taco stand.

An evening walk with Addy

It was so fun to spend time with friends and family!