Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Galiano Island

We had a long weekend away at Galiano Island with some friends. We were able to relax, explore the island, kayak, walk on the beach, and share some great laughs with friends. Here are some photos from our trip.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Harvey Update

I just posted our Montana trip as well as our vist with the Bomford-Moore's. Sorry it's taken us so long to post! It seems like I'm doing nothing now that I'm not working but for some reason the days get filled quickly. I have applied to several nursing jobs in the Seattle area and had a phone interview last Friday with the Polyclinic for a float nurse position. I have an in-person interview down in Seattle on Wednesday at 9am so prayers for that would be wonderful! The Polyclinic is a large conglomerate of specialty clinics. They have 9 different locations just in the Seattle area. If I were to work for them I would have the potential to work in all locations and all specialties. It feels like a perfect opportunity for me because it would allow me to get my feet wet in specialties ranging from pediatrics to endocrinology to cardiology to gastroenertology to dermatology....pretty much any specialty. I have no idea what kind of nursing I want to do, so being in a position where I get to taste it all sounds pretty wonderful! I am hoping to know by the end of the week if I get the position or not. Johnny will find out by the end of the week wether or not he gets accepted into the University of Washington's GIS certificate program. He is finishing up his micro-certificate with SVCC this week. Everything is starting to wind down from the spring and summer is beginning. We both are anticipating the change that this week has the potential to bring. We went down to Seattle yesterday to look at a couple of living situations and weren't happy with what we saw and both felt exhausted from the city life. Prayers for our transition and feeling peace with our decision would be wonderful right now. In all, we are doing well and enjoying the fabulous warm weather Bellingham has been getting over the last couple of weeks. We have plans to go camping on Galiano Island off of Vancouver with friends this weekend. We come back for a day and turn around and go camping with other friends on the Olympic Penninsula. Should be a terrific week! I'll keep you all posted on the job/UW schooling situation.

Montana Visit

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Bozeman visiting Peter, Naomi, Kale, and John. They are all doing well. Peter is busy with work, Naomi is busy learning various construction devises for when Kale asks "what's that" on every walk/car drive. Her little baby is growing every day...it is so fun to see her pregnant! John Roth is doing well also. He just moved into a house with a couple of roommates after living in the dorms all year. We got a chance to visit his house and take a tour of the art department at MSU. We thuroughly enjoyed the vacation, sunny weather and visiting with family. Bellow is a ton of pictures from our trip!

We thought based off of the bugs displayed on our car there would be great fly fishing in Bozeman...unfortunately the rivers were blown out so we didn't get to test our theory.

If you hide under the table no one can see you do your "business"

We had a little fun watching Kale while mom and dad were out one evening :)

Kale loves to be read to and ask "what's that?" as he points to pictures on the page.

We got him a dump truck with large Legos...he loved it!

The helmet and bike carrier was a new experience for Kale...he loved it though!

Johnny and I took Kale to the park one evening...it only lasted about 5 minutes because it started to get blustery.

Uncle John's walking

Kale does as we began to call it his "Tyrannosaurus rex" pose while he walks

"what's that?"

Getting ready for bed

Uncle John sandwich!

Bomford-Moore Visit

Mike, Kiersten, Liam and Elena came to visit us in Bellingham during their vacation to Canada. It was wonderful getting to catch up and see Elena for the first time. Elena was full of smiles and Liam was full of knowledge, repetitive "why" questions and tons of joy :) It was a terrific weekend visit!

the girls

Elena stretching

Liam loves to help!

Elena's many smiles

Liam's first salt water taffy...kinda chewy

There happened to be a kids parade down our street for the annual ski to sea. While Mike and Johnny made dinner, Kiersten, Liam and I watched the parade.

The days were full of visits to different parks

Some slept at the park

Lunch at the park

attempted family photo :)