Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas shopping in July

Raspberry season is here!

Let the picking begin....

Johnny loading up his bucket

Emily unsure about the scratches on her wrists from the thorns...

Who won?

Raspberry sundae for a buck...what a deal!

Raspberry season only lasts for three more weeks...we've got a lot of picking to do!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coeur d' alene camping 4th of July weekend

We had a great time camping with the Moore family (Peter, Naomi, and Kale). We had a relaxing long weekend and enjoyed getting to spend time with each other. Kale took an average of two naps a day and ate a ton. Naomi- I am curious to know how much he gained at his next check up :) On the 4th we went to the downtown of Coeur d' alene and took part in their festivities. We were all looking forward to seeing the fireworks but by the time they were ready to start we were all we just stayed around the fire and talked..and laughed...and ate! The next day consisted of the boys fly fishing at the Coeur d' alene river while the girls and Kale basked in the sun. Johnny caught four small fish (but released them). We enjoyed some great campfire meals and conversation, and new adventures.

the Moore family

my favorite thing to do all weekend...hold Kale bug!

Johnny getting the mallow sticks ready

he'd put anything in reach in his mouth..even my food :)

he's quite the social bug and loved watching what everyone was doing

when he eats he winds his arms up like a motor...I think that's why he's on the smaller side...he burns all his food off right away!

making breakfast

Peter eating breakfast out of his sons small cereal bowl

Just hangin' out with dad!