Sunday, January 4, 2009


We had a fantastic time with the family in Colorado around Christmas. We were able to stay at a house in Breckenridge for the majority of the time that mom and dad generously got for us.

The family outside the house we stayed at

Emily gearing up for some skiing


Emily, Dad, Mom, Natalie and Jeff out for a day of skiing




Out on a sunny day of sking

We were able to ski down to the house

Birthday girl Cassandra about to devour a Banana Cream Pie.

Finishing off the remains

Mom with her granddaughter

Emily and Addysen

Addysen in her snow gear

Emily, Johnny and Cassandra

Family Picture

It was very warm on the day we left to fly out of Colorado Springs, so we decided to walk out to Pulpit Rock, which has some good views.

Trying to set the timer on the camera