Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Excellent news! I had my first day of school yesterday-and today Bellingham Tech called and said that they have a full-time spot available in the nursing program and asked if I wanted to accept. I asked if I could talk to my husband about it and call them back tomorrow, she said no, that I would be switching to the morning class and that it starts at 8am tomorrow and I need to decide right now other wise she will be calling someone else. Nothing would change in my schedule this quarter, I will still be taking only one class (because I have the other general education classes out of the way). Classes wouldn't start picking up at a faster pace for me until winter quarter. The latest I would ever be in class would be 3 so it still works with my work schedule now that I've switched to evenings. My scholarship still covers everything. PLUS I will graduate not this April but next!!! (April of 09). So I will shave off a good year of when I thought I would be done! Johnny and I are still getting used to all this. There has been so much change, but we are both very excited about the idea of me getting my nursing done with sooner than expected. We're off to celebrate with dinner and a walk!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby nephew Kale--cute as can be

Holding Baby Kale for the first time :)

My mom and I would wake up about 9am and take over for Naomi while she took a nap after being up several times for feeding throughout the night. This was great for Naomi to rest and it was even more wonderful for mom and I because this was Kale's most alert time (between 9-10). He loves to look around and explore the world with his eyes and whatever limb he discovers that day :)

He LOVES to be held

My mom, Sarah. and I attempting an Anne Geddes like photo

We actaully tried to get him in the Pumpkin but he was to big! He is growing so fast and is so strong--and of course adorable! It was sad to leave, but I also missed my husband :) It's good to be home and get back into the swing of things. I start nursing school on Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dan and JK's visit to the Northwest

We had a delicious northwest crab and oyster feast while Dan and JK were here. The table was filled with great food. Em, Johnny, and JK were finished eating and ready to clear the table when we looked over and saw that Dan hadn't even gotten to the legs of his crab because he was taking the entire dinner poking through every crevice to get meat out of the middle. We cleared the table anyway and let Dan take as much time as he needed :)

We took them up to Heliotrope Ridge (now our second time hiking this summer). I think its our favorite hike around here so far.

Johnny and our friend Andrew invented this game back in July (on a sunny day) called "Tarzan-pianship" The goal of the game is to swing on the rope-swing from shore and try and get a limb or your entire body into the tube when you land. The other player throws the tube out into the water to make it difficult for their opponent. Johnny was really excited to share this game with Dan when he came to visit. Even though it was only 60 degrees outside the guys decided to play.

Dan's famous pose

Johnny making it in!