Monday, May 28, 2007

18 miles

Preparing for the race

They call their numbers as they get close-but I forgot what their number was so I just waited patiently and cheered for everyone until they came :)

2 1/2 hours of canoing, and wobbly boat legs later they got out and carried their canoe up a hill to pass the baton off to the next leg of the race

They are smiling for the camera but inside they are tired, sore, and hungry :) Johnny had a lot of fun participating in the ski to sea but doesn't think he'll do the canoe leg next year. He thinks he'd like to try either the downhill skiing or the mountain biking leg. After the race we went down to Fairhaven where all the festivities took place and got some delicious food and watched the kayakers finish the race.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Waking up to a marching band

We woke up this morning to find a port-o-potty in our front yard and a marching band outside our bedroom window!

Kait came over to watch the parade with us
(I'm really not this excited-but I thought it'd be a good picture)

It was quite an entertaining parade!

My favorites

Johnny will be in the Ski to Sea tomorrow dominating in the canoe leg of the race. He will start early afternoon and it should take them about two hours to get down
18 miles of the Nooksack River!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Celebration Planting

I got the job at the Cardiovascular Unit in the hospital! So my treat was that I could go out and get flowers for our deck :)

Trying to figure it all out

I had a lot of fun putting them all together

I think they turned out nicely!

Johnny said that if I can keep these alive maybe we'll get a dog next year!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Johnny's first soccer game in Bellingham!

I tried to get him to pose for me out in the yard but he wouldn't do it :(

Johnny is so excited to be playing soccer again! He is playing for a coed adult team called Ocean Kayak. Today was his first game and they won 5-0. He played very well and is excited about getting back into the game. They play every Tuesday at 6 so it will be something to look forward to during the week. After watching them play it made me think about playing again-we'll see though-if I play though who will yell their lungs out for Johnny :)

Hiking the Arboretum

Even though we are working hard to find jobs-we are still finding time to hike and enjoy the Spring!

Cafe Harvey

We have had beautiful weather lately- we created Cafe Harvey out on our deck for lunch-since we don't have jobs yet this is our way of eating out :)

Johnny chillin

Emily chillin (and yes I am wearing a winter fleece in 65 degree weather)