Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

I was so excited to start decorating for Christmas this weekend. I made a wreath this year!

Final product.

Washing the jars for Christmas jam

Slaving over 15 cups of raspberries.

You'll have to wait for Christmas...yummm!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Johnny woke up early one morning and got a picture of the sun rising (at 7:45 am ! )

Snow has covered the mountain peeks but didn't stick at the base while we were there

We went out to the glacier to get some ice for thanksgiving drinks :)

Eskimo kisses in front of the glacier

Even though I'm a born Alaskan...I was still very cold!

Alaska continued...


dad going out to try and get some ice from the lake

the boys

It was neat to see the glacier after being gone for so long. It has receded drastically.

We had an early thanksgiving dinner on Saturday since we wont be able to celebrate with any family on the real thanksgiving. This is a picture of Johnny eating mom's famous apple pie for breakfast the next morning :)

We had a fabulous time with the family. It was great seeing the changes mom and dad had made with the house as well as how big and mature John and Alex have become. We hope to visit again much sooner than another two year stretch.

We made it safely home and went grocery shopping right away and are getting settled in for another week :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

date night

Johnny came home with flowers :)

We went to this amazing restaurant on the 14th floor of a building downtown. The view was spectacular, on one side of the restaurant you could see the bay, and the other three quarters had huge window views of the town. Very romantic and the food was exquisite.

I don't think I've had food this good eating out in a long time. It was delicious...and very fun to date my husband :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall in Bellingham

We apologize for not posting in a while. We kind of felt like there was nothing really new going on in our lives. I almost put a pillow in my stomach and took a picture of myself just to have something interesting to post...but then I realized...that would be too weird. If everyone stocks the blogs sites just as much as I do...looking for new posts from the family everyday...Im sure everyone is wondering why we've ignored our own site. So I decided to just post what we have been up to.

We've really been enjoying the beautiful trails here in Bellingham... fall is such a beautiful season. Actually, Johnny always hated the season of fall-he would comment that it's the season of death...but during one of our walks this fall, he came to realize the beauty in life's circle :)

We've taken advantage of the bikes mom and dad Harvey gave us after the wedding. We've used them recreationally as well as a second car coming home from work. Thank you again mom and dad :)

I made homemade stew in my Crockpot (from Grandma Harvey) it was delicious...if the jam business doesn't work, I might try a stew business :) I also made two batches of cookies, one chocolate chip for Johnny and one butterscotch for me. I realized after, that I could have just split the batter, rather than two mounds of cookies on my counter. If you see a picture later on in the month and my belly is larger...its not because I resorted to pillow entertainment...but because we are eating too much :)

Johnny's been working really hard at work and then working hard on his internship when he comes home. He will be working with the city in the next couple of weeks on putting together a CD-ROM for the general public on low impact development tools that the average person can apply to their own home.

Even though I work every other weekend, it has been nice working evenings because we can still catch a hike in the day before I head off to work.

That's all for now. We are just enjoying life and each other. Johnny asked me out on a fancy date tonight...and we are going to Juneau in a couple of there's more excitement and new posts to come before long I promise :)